What's better two 5750 ATI on Crossfire or one 5870 ati or 470 fermi

Can u please advice i bought yesterday second ATI5750 have put them together on CF and can't see much differebce is it better to get single 5870 or maybe Nvidia 470fermi instead
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  1. What is the resolution that you play at ? and also what are your full system specs.
    If you already have 2 HD 5750s then i think you should be fine with games.
  2. cross fire and sli always has some problem whit serten games and also takes a bit longer for drivers to ceep up. youl probebly see fps building up whit time.
    well fermi, no the 400 series is a power eating toaster still cant find eny ide why the 295coop stoped they still rule quite bad.
    alto the sli in my experiens always been better then crossfire. but all in all i haw gone from sli and crossfire altogether. i noly go whit dual gpu cards much better. and easy to water coole lather on.
  3. I just got some info that when i have one 5750 and put another one on it increases perf by 60% approx so shall i get 5870 or something else from ATI or chould i get NVIDIA
  4. the resolution that i play on is 1440 x 900
  5. if you want difference theb upgrade your moniter cause you will see good fps only
    if you have a larger moniter

    test fps with fraps to see the diff

    if you already have 2 5750 then keep it its pretty good
  6. ok it is good but is 5870 better that those two 5750??
  7. For your resolution 2 HD 5750's won't even show their full potential,get a new monitor and you'll see how they will perform.
    But even if you want to upgrade it,first upgrade your monitor because for that resolution 2 5750's won't show their full potential nor can other more powerful cards like 5870....
    And yes a 5870 is faster than 2 5750's but the difference isn't huge
  8. An thx all
  9. ok thank u Maziar
  10. You are welcome :)
  11. A single 5870 should be faster than two 5750s, but at 1440x900 it wouldn't really matter since right now both are way overkill for that resolution. You CPU is the limiting factor here, but as long as you're getting over 60fps you won't really see a difference.
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