How to configure sata hdd on a foxconn G41MXE

new install trying to install windows cd first boot, hd sata 2nd boot, board is a foxconn g41mxe 775 instuctions not clear on how to set up in bios for sata
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  1. You're probably looking in the wrong place. SATA is plug and play so there isn't really anything to setup. You need to find the boot menu, usually located towards the later part of the bios.
  2. set up in advance bios under boot priority 1st , dvd, 2nd sat wd 500

    in integrated peripherals, under ide config
    ata enhanced
    sata channels
    befor pata

    sreen come up saying reboot and select proper boot device or incert boot media in slected boot device and press any key. thanks in advance if you can help
  3. Seems like its setup correctly. I've encountered drives before that fail to boot a DVD. Try switching the drive to anything else.
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