Should i go back?

hey all, I am in a state of dismay! I dont know whether to stick with my 5770 or go back to a 4890? I would get the 2 gig saphire vapor toxic edition of the 4890, either that or im going to finally go crossfire, which i said i was going to ages ago, but never had the money!!!!

Thing is I need to know just how much difference direct x 11 makes. I play aliens vs predator alot! and have played the different settings, dx 11 and dx 9 which obviously there is a huge difference between. But I havent tried direct x 10 cuz there is no option. Just how much difference is there between 10 and 11? the only thing I have noticed really is focal blurs on stalker call of pripyat.

I want a performance boost! I really want to go crossfire, but does it make a difference in all games? or is it just games that have in game options for crossfire?

So just to recap the question is...... Should I downgrade? or should I go crossfire? Im talking purely from a performance point of view here. I know that 2 5770 use less power. Which is nice :)
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  1. Direct x11 Is the next big thing not to mention shader model 5.1/5.0

    Personally i would go for the newer option. so the 5770 will do you fine... why not look @ a 5830 or a 5850? yes they are more expensive but they are worth it...
  2. Well going from a 5770 to a 4890 will give you a slight boost in performance but it will give you more heat,more noise and more power consumption and also it doesn't have new techs like DX11.
    So if you want more performance,get another 5770 or instead of that sell your 5770 and get a single 5850.
  3. cool, i keep hearing different stories. How do 2 5770's perform? some say on par with 5850 some say with 5870 others say that they only slightly out perform 4890 oc edition? what is the case here? im running a 1680x1050 monitor but looking at going 1920x1080
  4. 2 HD 5770s perform pretty much like a single 5850,2446.html
  5. hey all im looking for a second 5770 to put in my rig to go crossfire. I found a card that is classed as faulty. The fan spins, but no output display. Its a saphire 5770 around a year or so old. The question is do i risk buying it that it may work as a second card in crossfire? and if it doesnt would saphire honour any warranty remaining without proof of purchase? or is there maybe somewhere i could get it repaired?
  6. If it does not work alone, it will not work in CrossFire.
    Do not waste your cash, get a new one.
  7. Odds are the card is dead. Even if the fanspins, that just says the card is getting power.
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