CPU Temperature Doubled Over Months..?

Hi, I'm wondering what I can do to lower my CPU's temperature, at the moment it is 67-Celsius and when I had I first bought it, the initial temperature was around 30-40 degrees celsius. I have 2 90mm fans and I had some ArcticCool Thermal Paste on the CPU that quite a bit when I put it on but there was still a lot on the surface.

Should I apply more thermal paste and replace my fans? Several of the LEDs on one fan broke, so maybe the whole fan is not operating to its full potential? :(
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  1. you want as little paste as possible, just enough to fill the microscopic gaps, thats all, too much is bad

    too much paste could be your problem, if the paste is too thick it will "dry up"(cure) and stop working. you should remove all the paste on the heat sink and chip, with 99% Isopropyl alcohol, get it at the drug store, you might have to ask for it. put alcohol on a paper towel and wipe off the paste

    put one drop of paste the size of a pea on the chip and then remount the heat sink, there are millions of people who have a million ways to apply paste, but this works just as well and is easy.
  2. While you following ezorb's advice, also take the time to clean out your system with a couple cans of air. Removing all of the dust bunnies and hair balls that accumulate in nearly all systems will help with your airflow.

    The advice is spot on regarding the thermal goo. You want to use as little as possible to cover your CPU and to make a good fit with the HSF.

    Good luck!
  3. Is your idle temp 67C? Also how much hotter is it in the room now than it was 2 months ago, if your room temp goes up 10C then all of your computer temps will go up 10C as well.

    Definitely go through and make sure there are no dust bunnies in your case and clean the dust out of your CPU heatsink.
  4. whenever u get free time do this, open ur pc case, get every thing out of that and clean that empty case with reverse vacuum or a blower, then clean every component and attach the processor and heat sink on the mobo.. then put the mobo(with procesor and heatsink installed) in case... and mount every thing u got.. then try... no need for more paste. good luck....
  5. Applying excess thermal paste will create air pockets, which will not be very good for CPU temperatures.
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    Probably not dust or old paste. Probably the original tight seating isn't as tight, maybe a push pin came loose or your fan's RPMs slowed down.
  7. hundredislandsboy said:
    Probably not dust or old paste. Probably the original tight seating isn't as tight, maybe a push pin came loose or your fan's RPMs slowed down.

    I think this is it, both my fan's RPMs might have slowed down and maybe even a push pin because I actually smeared some of the thermal paste off when I initially mounted the CPU. Thanks, any more tips guys? Maybe it's just my room temperature because I usually leave my room's door and window closed a lot of the time.
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