How to get above router connected to laptop wireless

i am getting connection of internet to laptop of mtnl through router dsl2730u but

cannot get connected same through wireless please help
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  1. 1st you must check if your modem/router is broadcasting wireless network .
    to know that , log in to his page and check wireless configuration .

    goto your browser and put this ip :

    username : admin
    password : admin

    then goto Wireless connection on menu

    Configure it with an ssd name you want ex: my wi-fi
    configure password as wpa2-psk your password
    enable broadcast

    after that , save configuration on router and goto your laptop

    disconnect your lan cable

    seach for wireless networks
    You should find your network ex: "my wi-fi" there
    click on it and put the password you used in wireless configuration on router .

    after that you shall connect to net .

    you should red your manual of router for any doubts .
    get it here :
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