Which Sata port do I use?

So I have noticed that I have splash screen that shows a lot of random information before the computer starts. I looked around and i was told that depending on wh9ich Sata port my HDD is connected to can determine the length of time it takes for my computer to boot. I know that my motherboard has alot of sata ports also.....So i was wondering if he recommended configuration can be suggested. Thanks in advanced

Here's my setup....
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  1. you should plug your drives into SATA0 first then SATA1, etc.
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    plug it into SATA 0, the first one. however i never heard of it booting faster . .
    2 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), gray

    that would be the bottom grey port.
  3. Ok thanks I will try that.
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