Pci e 16x@4x

i have installed an 5850 on my asrock mainboard a785gxh on 16x slot and i have one vga not crossfire
but when igo to catalyst or gpu z it is running on 4x mode why ???????
my os is 7 x64
catalyst 10.3
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  1. Is your 5850 installed in the orange PCI-e slot or the green slot PCI-e?
  2. Make sure your HD5850 is installed on the top PCI-E slot, which is usually always the 16x slot.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    As shadow said make sure you have installed it on the top PCI-E slot not the second one
  4. Which is the green slot on that board.
  5. Hey

    i seem to be having the same kind of problem with my asrock 790gxh mobo

    i put my 5870 in the top x16 lane but it reads in CCC and everest and GPU-z as its running @ x8

    also it seem that my bandwidth on my video card is only 116.2GB/s when it should be something like 153.XGB/s

    anyone got any leads?

    Kind Regards
  6. There's something enabled that causes slots to drop to 8x. I thought it was USB3.0.
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