Cooler for my Memory?

Hi guys,

I thought it will be pretty cool if I can get some cooling for my memory. I'm not an overclocker or anything but I just like the idea of my computer running cool and healthy and showing people the wierd type of things I have in my computer lol. Anyway I would love it if it has some blue LED lights and fans and it needs to cool DDR3-1333 memory. Adding some fans on my memory wouldn't draw too much power would it? My system:
AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz
4 GB (2x2) DDR3-1333
GTX 260
One 500 GB Hard Drive
One Dail-up modem
Two Chassis Fans.
One DVD-Player
And a 550W PSU to power it all.

Some people told me I should get a 750W PSU for this rig but I figured 550W will do. I built this is January (my first build) and now I want to add a memory cooler. Just need to be sure I won't be pushing my PSU too much. How hard is it to install the Cooler? Can you please recommend me one from this site? (the Vizo armada looks cool but it only cools DDR2? My guess it it will work with DDR3 but I want to be sure).

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  1. Oh and whats the size of these things?
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    Nah, that PSU should be fine as is, and memory fans don't draw much. As for the cooler itself, memory coolers are basically a gimmick, outside of some water clocking scenarios where you very little air flow in the case. Since you're buying it for aesthetics, I would just get whichever floats your boat.
  3. Won't let me edit that post... Err, water cooling scenarios, not water clocking.
  4. Thanks my cooler is on it's way!
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