WinXP Permission Problem (I think)

I seem to have messed up some of my file or possibly directory permissions. I'm an old MSDOS guy and frequently write code in the 'Command Prompt' environment. I have just noticed that several of the programs I've written have lost their write permission, all file opens now fail. My 15 year old MSVC 6.0 compiler can no longer open the required compiler intermediate files to complete a compile of something like hello.c

I've read some of the related posts here, and in Safe mode (the only place I get the security tab) fooled with permissions for the entire drive, select sub directories, and the C:\windows\_default.pif file on this NTFS partition, all to no avail.

I had an improper shutdown a month of so ago, and could not reboot. I booted into linux on another partition and ran its chkdsk utility to repair C:, after this XP booted fine, everything from the GUI works fine, but my dos box utilities can't open files now. Anyone with a good suggestion as to how to correct?

I notice the properties for directories all have the little gray arrow in the check box for read only access. However as I've read here this is only supposed to mean the folders are customized (although I don't recall doing this). I've tried removing this in safe mode, and with at attrib command in the command prompt but it seems to have no affect. Stumped.

day 2, still hoping someone has an idea. I've been experimenting and its odd. I have a removable zip disk that works fine in anther machine, but exhibits behavior above if run dos programs I've created over the years with the msdos compiles. The permission on zip disk itself are fine, has to be something related to the 'command prompt' in XP, but its the same _default.pif and related config.nt and autoexec.nt that have always been there since XP was installed. Equally confusing, its only file creation that causes the problem. If I create a dummy file with the appropriate name my programs can write to it, they just can't create one of their own. Microsofts QC2.5 compiler exhibits the same behavior. But some old msdos standbys link the archive tool LHA and the editor PC-Write work fine in the 'command prompt' environment. Odd!

slowly learning more, discovered acals program and display some results, I normally work as 'will' and changed
the csource sub directory to Full rights for users as a test. Doesn't look like a permissions problem anymore

C:\ BUILTIN\Administrators:(OI)(CI)F

C:\dos BUILTIN\Administrators:(OI)(CI)F

C:\dos\csource BUILTIN\Users:(OI)(CI)F
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  1. I seem to have messed up some of my file or possibly directory permissions.

    Hey willy,

    I have a similar problem. Mine is that I changed the permissions for C: (yes the entire drive) and now I'm stuck. With you knowing DOS can you help me reset my permissions from DOS mode so I can log back into my Windows XP GUI?

    I've found ways to do it in the Windows GUI, but can't access my account to be able to do so. I can get to a DOS prompt (ie Windows Safe Mode), but don't know how to reset it.

    Can you help?
  2. I mis typed it above, the actual dos command name is 'cacls' if you type this by itself you get the usage help information. typing 'cacls |more' will give it to you page by page instead of scrolling off the screen, the output examples above show how my system was setup, the C:\ is the root example, then I had sub directories C:\dos and C:\dos\csource, but the root is what you want. I'm not an expert, I can't get the 'NT Authority/System' thing to reset but I thing if you set both BUILTIN\Administrators:F and BUILTIN\Users:C you would be able to run. Try search online for more info on cacls. Luck
  3. thank you. I'll give it a try.
  4. Well I'm face with the same problem.

    It says "Unsuported Syntax"

    can't get it to work with the Wix XP CD repair command prompt.

    Is there a way to get it to a DOS mode that I can use the cacls command?
  5. a little outside my area, sorry. Out of curiosity, what is the format of the hard disk you are attempting to repair? I'm assuming its an NTFS disk, and if so a real msdos mode program won't recognize it anyway. That's the old stuff I know, FAT based file systems.
  6. It's NTFS. I figured that, lol. I'm used to good Ol MD DOS 6.22. I loved the FAT filing system. But yes NTFS it is. was trying to see if theres a script that I could make or use to run a reset, but none work. Thanks for your help.
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