Quad core processor in old motherboard!? help pwease?

Hello everyone,

i have ''NEC COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL GA-8I915PMD'' motherboard. and i want to install the..

''Phenom II X4 945 - 3 GHz, cache L2 2 MB, L3 6 MB, socket AM3'' processor into it.

is this possible?

(i practically don't know anything about this stuff, so srry if i post in rong catagory.)

i hope for your advise.
regards, Michiel
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  1. No. You need a new board and memory. Do you really think you can install such a new amd cpu in such an old Intel board?
  2. ohh crap, well that's a nice waste of my money then.

    ja i have no idea when it comes to computers stuff. i thought it was way more simple then this (it should be >:( ). like change grafic card for better game. but that didnt do the trick so then i read sheit about mother boards and processors so i buy this.
    and later i hear from computer smart guy that maybe this is not good.

    it kinda bumms me out. i'll have to wait then till i can afford a good laptop so that i can trash this peace of junk pc into a million peaces. damnit i hate this machine!

    thanks for the awnser though.
  3. how can u install AMD processor in Intel mobo????? no way u need to get every thing new.....
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