Samsung HM100UI/Z4 doesn't spin anymore


I'm in trouble with Samsung HM100UI/Z4 Spinpoint HDD. This drive came from a Lacie external USB powered box.

The drive stopped spinning after using it in a computer, and before connecting to another one. The fact is that the box was a little bit hotter than usual when I disconnected it from the first computer (the box usually stood cool when using it). There was no other unusual phenomenon to take in account, I think.

I've been looking inside the box and I've seen that the USB-SATA adapter is working properly. So, the PCB is feeded with 5 volts, but the pins that connect the PCB with the HDD itself don't have voltage among them (as the voltmeter said). On the other hand, some of the pins in the PCB that get data from the HDD show voltage. This is why I think the controller of the motor of the magnetic cylinders might be burnt, I mean, an electronic failure.

I wonder if a swap between the old PCB (MT2 S3M Rev.01 R00) and other new PCB of the same HDD model would be enough to rescue the data inside. I'm not sure if some ROM or similar device in the PCB must be reprogrammed before the swap works. In that case, how could I do it?

Can anybody tell me if a PCB swap could be the way or is there any other part broken? Any donor for that swap there?

On the other hand, could a TVS diode be burnt?

Thank you for your help and ideas.
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  1. Pull the drive out of the enclosure and try it on a PC's internal SATA connectors.
  2. Measure the resistance between the +5V and ground pins at the drive's SATA power connector. If there is no short, then the absence of +5V would suggest that the USB-SATA bridge board is not providing power to the drive. A common problem in other enclosures (eg WD's) is damage to a MOSFET switch. It could also be that the micro-USB connector has problems with the Data+ and Data- pins.
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