In Virtual machine one XP connect to other, and the other not ?!

well the problem is,
i've two Windows XP sp2 on virtual machines, and im trying to connect them together and apply some policies.

the Problem is, there is 1st machine can see and connect to the 2nd one,, :ange:
while the 2nd Can't Connect to the First machine ! :o

im still a begineer, the problem started before i even make accounts on Local Users and Group
and i had tried to add accounts in both machines, but still i cant access the other machine !!

is there is something i should do first ?? i just installed them a Fresh install and still the same trouble.

what do i do ? :sweat: :sweat:
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  1. I'm not sure if the use of the VM plays a role here. But since the OP mentioned it (and it would have helped to know which VM technology, MS Virtual PC?, VirtualBox?, VMware?), make sure your VMs are using compatible virtual network adapter configurations. For example, you wouldn't want a mix of bridged and unbridged (NAT'd) for each VM or else they would end up on different subnets.

    That aside, you’re back to all the usual checks; they must use the same workgroup name, be using the same subnet, no third party firewalls, each should be using the same username/password, yada yada.
  2. hello, thnx for your answer.

    as i mentioned its 2 Fresh installs of Windows XP Professional x64
    Both are in workgroup,
    Both use the same bridged network, Default settings i didnt change it,

    and as for your question im working with Vm Workstation.

    both on class C and the same subnet, cuz if it was different i cant Ping, right ?
    and they wont see each other at the first place.

    but as u saw there is one can connect and other cant.
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