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Blue screen when a virus is found

Norton let a virus through. I ran a scan in safe mode, and found some viruses, but my CPU usage was still unusually high. I ran Malwarebytes in safe mode, and found something, but my PC BSOD'd before it could be removed. It then rebooted, and regular Windows would not start. When it eventually started, it reported that it had shut down, error code 0xf4. Also, in safe mode, while loading it showed it was loading 'NISx64'. I guess this is Norton, so could the BSOD be caused my multiple AV programs running at the same time? I downloaded Super Anti Spyware. This also found a virus, but then BSOD'd. Windows then persisted to not function, so I ran multiple recovery discs, none of which worked, for example Kaspersky reported that the security database was corrupt. Is there a way to get rid of the infection without formatting the system?
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  1. you can't run multiple AV programs at the same time or they will fight it out with each other. If you can boot, even in safe mode disable them all......... start/run/type msconfig in the box........under startup and services..... disable AV software. under services check the box at the bottom to filter microsoft stuff.
    reboot safe mode if you want. uninstall all but 1 AV software. get on line. google trend micro house calls. run app to see if it finds anything. If it does let it delete it. If not reboot after restarting your last AV program......... start/run/msconfig........ do stuff in reverse.
  2. I ran housecall with no other AV programs running, and it found something and blue screened. Any ideas?
  3. what did it find ? did you scan in safe mode ? under add remove programs......... anything running that you didn't install ?........ in the msconfig....... anything running that shouldn't or anything look unfamiliar ?

    you may have to reformat............ download iobit system care mumbo jumbo. see if it finds any malware.

    shut down you instant messing stuff whatever it is, all of it. no limewire crap running is there ? shut it down.
  4. No limewire, no IM stuff, just whatever starts in safe mode. I'll give that a try tomorrow morning though, tired right now.
  5. Although, I do remember Super Anti Spyware found a trojan downloader, but when it tried to fix that, it blue screened.
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    Run again first in normal mode for Malwarebytes and than #2 @
  7. Can u run Belarc and post the log info?

    It will show what programs are installed and when, so there might be a virus on the list to.
  8. So, I ran another internet scanner, from ESET this time (before I checked the topic), and it found 5 objects, I just ran MalwareBytes and got blue screen with error 0xf4, and I ran Spybot and it found a lot of browser related things. Which file of Belarc is the log? I have 3 here.
  9. If your browser is being hijacked try CWShredder
  10. My browser isn't being hijacked, I just get error 0xf4 any time I get close to disinfecting my computer.
  11. OK, get this and set it to scan on the boot. Great tool.
  12. I ran that, it found 3 trojans, but still the same results with MalwareBytes.
  13. Hi,

    Try following the steps in this virus/malware removal guide:

    It contains instructions that will remove most malware infections. I hope this helps you.

  14. before you run the next scan turn off system restore.
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