Need 2nd Gfx Card for 3*1920 Display on Asus P5k/8800GTX

I've got an 8800GTX on an Asus P5K mobo and am about to purchase 3 1920*1080 LED backlit monitors (BenQ G2222HDL). I'm using Vista but soon moving to Win7Ultimate.

1) Can I plug two monitors into the 8800GTX and get a second cheap nvidia card to plug the third monitor into it?

2) Will I be able to span one desktop across the three displays?

3) Will this work now on Vista, or will I have to move to Win7 first?

4) Will either of these cards work:
Palit GeForce 210
Asus GeForce 210

5) I assume this won't work for spanning all three screens for gaming? (I'm looking to do this in future and it's not essential now - currently thinking I'll get an active displayport adaptor and an eyefinity card to do this later).

Thanks in advance.
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    1. Yes
    2. Spanning will not work in Vista or Win7.
    3. Nbr 1 will work fine. Spanning will not work.
    4. Either would be fine.
    5. Correct. Nvidia is working on its own version of Eyefinity called Nvidia Surround and 3D Surround.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    With regards to 3) maybe I'm using the wrong terminology and maybe I just mean extended desktop. Presumably I can make use of all 3 monitors with different apps running windowed (and draggable between monitors) on each though, right?

    I'm curious what is meant by spanning though (is it ala eyefinity - all three monitors treated as one big resolution?)
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