Does a cpu run hotter in safe mode

I cant run my computer in safe mode as my cpu overheats and the computer shuts down, is this normal?

it is really hot today and it will run in windows normal mode so whats up with this?

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  1. Nope, that's not normal. What kind of computer is it, and how are you monitoring the CPU temps?
  2. its an hp with a asus motherboard, amd dual core and I am monitoring with core temp

  3. well in fact when I boot in normal mode the cpu fan runs like mad until windows is fully loaded, the fan and heatsink are clean, as far as the safe mode thing, the temp may return to normal if safe mode actually fully loaded before it overheats and shuts down
  4. Do you have any fan speed controlling software installed?

    Is there options in the bios for Q-fan? (if so turn it off and see if that helps)
  5. none that I am aware of unless it was shipped on the computer when new?

  6. there's more than one reason this could be happening..

    i'm guessing that in normal boot drivers are loaded to control your fan speed, and it's possible that those drivers aren't loading in safe mode.

    I could speculate further that it's also a possibility that it's not an overheating issue at all; you state that the heatsink is fine, and safe mode doesn't even load before 'overheating'

    If you posted your specs someone could probably help more...
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