Please suggest me a good capture/video editing card

Hi folks,

I'm building a new system for a professional photo/videographer. I'm currently at a dilemma on what capture card i should use.
He was quoted for Matrox Rtx 100 by some other company and after looking on reviews etc i saw that it has issues plus it's obsolete now.
So thought of going to RT.X2 which is again around 3-5 years old. Also saw some reviews criticizing it for not able to offload work to the GPU
and it has limited codec support and time compression issues.

So then i'm now looking at the pinnacle suite and it's costliest offering (which is cheap compared to RT.X2). It seems that this offers a wide range
of support and i'm assuming that it's able to utilise all the CPU cores and GPU too.

So please advice on this as i'm going to Singapore to buy the components in the middle of next month. Would really appreciate your input on this.

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  1. Well, first of all what Platform are you going to be building on......
    Motherboard, Processor........ etc....
  2. Well it's going to be a new build. So was hoping to go for AMD this time.
    CPU : Phenom II X4 965
    MoBo: Full ATX AMD 890 chipset one stll have to figure out Asus/Gigabyte or MSI
    RAM: 6GB 1600MHZ DDR3
    HDD: WD Caviar AV-GP 1.0TB GreenPower
    VGA: ATI HD 5770 1GB
    22-24" LCD

    This is the base spec of the PC. I might even consider upgrading my PC to Intel Q9650/9550/9400 and put the HDD. My current config is:
    CPU: Intel C2D 6300
    MoBo: MSI P965 Platinum
    RAM: 6GB DDR2 800MHz CL4
    VGA: ATI HD 4850 512MB

    The person doing the video will not have any more than 2 camera inputs to work with and will max with 90min videos. He's not into IT much plus i'm the one who's sponsoring for the build.

  3. Hello

    I have some suggestions for you. See below:

    Option 1

    Option 2

    The Osprey Card is a bit expensive but from our tests I can say it delivers a very good video quality for capturing and live streaming. See me offline if you need additional information.

    Professional Streaming Consultant
  4. Thanks Catalin for the post. Osprey is a 1000$ over the budget plus we'll not be doing any streaming. But the Blackmagic Intesity is worth a shot. As i said, the main purpose is capturing video and editing them.
    The primary Video type is weddings and maybe other (boring) functions. So there will be less requirement on multiple simultaneous inputs.

    BTW how does the Pinnacle Studio 12 ultimate and Blackmagic Intesity compare?

    Thanks again for your inputs.
  5. Pinnacle is the thing for the job at hand, and while you're at it, I'd suggest going in for the Phenom II X6 rather than the 965.
    Since it's capabilities to do tremendous work under heavy threaded applications is higher than the 965 I'd suggest going in for the X6 esp. since you're choosing a 890 Board....
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