USB device uninstalls itself

I don't really see a forum for this -- first post -- I guess I'll just ask here.

Very frustrating problem because it would seem that it would be common (it's happened to me on a couple of devices) and that there would be some specific answers.

One area that was brought up is USB power management but been there, done that.

I have an ATI USB TV tuner that will uninstall when I shut down the PC (BOTH of my PC's -- XP and Win7).

When I power down, I have to disconnect it -- then power up -- wait for a complete reboot and plug it back in for it to operate and show up in device manager. (tried ATI's theatre driver, let windows 7 search etc etc)

I've tried to solve this for the past several months and no luck with google searches, other posts, even "trying" to contact Diamond MM -- so thought I'd try here.

Any help on this?
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  1. Have you tried an external mains-powered USB hub, plugging the hub into a mains socket, then plugging your TV tuner into the hub?

    Here's an example of one:

    If you do buy one, make sure the mains power adapter is included, as some are capable of being plugged into the mains but the adapter is not supplied.
  2. Actually, I thought that may be the problem so halfway built a power supply and got distracted -- I'll get one of those, thanks.

    I'll post if it clears it up -- thanks again.
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