8800gt swapped for 9800gt (help!)

I dont know if im going to have a problem or not but i have read around the forums for a few days, so heres my story:

I bought a gateway fx7020 PC that came with a 8800gt card and it works great for my gaming, etc. My wife bought the same PC and we found out the 8800gt was faulty so the company is now sending us a 9800gt card (they didnt have a 8800gt card to replace it with), my questions are: If the PC can run a 8800gt card with no probs from the powersupply (its not shutting down, fans arent runnning 24/7, etc) can it run the 9800gt, 2nd question is are both cards connected the same? i know the 8800gt fits in the mobo and has a 6 pin connector and thats it, is that all i will need to run the 9800 gt? The guy at the store is pretty much telling me that the cards are identical, just a different series and a "swap" is all that is needed!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yep, they are pretty much the same card, except the 9800GT is at 55nm so it will have LOWER power requirements. Should just be a swap, but I'd recommend reinstalling the drivers once you can get back into windows.

    Normal 9800GTs still need the single 6 pin, however some eco versions don't even need that.
  2. Thank you!

    I'll admit that im not very tech savvy with hardware and such! :P Do I reinstall the drivers now (using the onboard mobo chipset) or do i wait until i have the card and boot up with the card in and connected to DL the drivers??

    or if you could give me a quick guide of installing drivers i'd really appreciate it!

    Thanks! :D
  3. the 9800GT is a 8800GT with Nvidia painting over the first "8" and placing a "9"

    for Win 7
    uninstall the old drivers
    install the new card and boot up
    Win7 will download and install new drivers for you

    for XP and Vista
    download new drivers of the nvidia web site
    uninstall the old drivers
    install the new card and boot up
    install the new drivers and re-boot
  4. Even though the 8800GT and 9800GT are very much the same card, the drivers treat the 9800GT differently since nVidia is still supporting it and providing driver updates for it (problems with the 8800GT are somewhat neglected now). First download the drivers from nVidia's site. Go to the control panel, go to Programs and Features, and remove the nVidia drivers. You will have to restart the machine. After that, install the new drivers, reboot, and it should work fine.
  5. UPDATE:

    Everything is working fine and thanks all for the help! :D
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