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I'm want to take the plunge to upgrade my now very old LGA775 (with the Nvidia 650i chipset)dual core E6600 machine running winXP to an i7 930 1366(58) platform. so I need to replace mobo, cpu, ram. My question is, when I do the rebuild, can I still boot up from my existing WinXP OS? After replacing, mobo, cpu and ram, when I post, will new system recognize old OS and data, or must I reformat my hard drives (running Raid 0)with a new OS (like Win7 maybe)any advise?

I am looking at rebuilding with 17-930 and the GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R with 6 megs of DDR3 1600 Gskill triple channel mem via latest newegg combo deal.
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  1. It is sometimes possible to boot from an existing HDD / OS after a mobo / CPU upgrade. Usually you will get some errors because the chipset drivers are different on the old mobo to the new mobo.

    You could try uninstalling the chipset driver before you upgrade - however this is not guaranteed to work.

    If its purely a case of saving all your old data and files (not software) then create a back up image of the files you want to save to a DVD.

    I would strongly recomend a "Clean" install of Windows 7 - too many people complain about lost space and boot problems after using the upgrade function

    Please bear in mind that 6gb of RAM - you will need a 64 bit OS to see al lthe RAM installed.
  2. many thanks and yes, to benefit from my upgrade I must run 64bit OS. Must finally abandon XP forever. so then, before I rebuild, I must reformat current HDs in my existing sytem so they are clean when I post/load win7 - right?
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