Need a SSD To Bring Home

Hey I need a fast ssd that loads things quick,will be used for gaming load times,and all that other good stuff.

What would you recommend?
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    Samsung 830 or Crucial M4.
  2. seconded on the Crucial M4 though I also think the Muskin Drives are pretty decent as well. Avoid Corsair drives though, I've had to RMA a drive twice now in 6 months for going out. First Time was 2 weeks out of the box, Second time was a few days ago on the RMA that was sent to replace it.
  3. Thanx will take the Crucial M4.
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  5. retards... have you even looked at the specs of the drive I suggested and the M4 256GB??? Let me endulge you guys...

    ------------------- OCZ Vertex4 256GB ----- Crucail M4 256GB(CT256M4SSD2)
    Sequential Reads: - 560 MB/s ----------- up to 500 MB/s
    Sequential writes: - 510 MB/s ----------- up to 260 MB/s
    4K Random Read: - 90,000 IOPS ------------ up to 45,000 IOPS
    4K Random Write: - 85,000 IOPS ----------- up to 50,000 IOPS

    The OCZ is twice as fast - for the same price!!!
  6. i third the m4.

    what i'm about to type is not unique to me, you'll find my experience is quite common.

    my HTPC was running on an OCZ, it boot up in 35 seconds. after my 3 other OCZ drives failed i lost faith in it and cloned it over to an m4, my HTPC still boots up in 35 seconds.

    i've owned 14 SSDs from 4 manufacturers. the ONLY ones that failed or didn't come close to their advertised speeds were all OCZ. only 1 of the 4 OCZ drives i bought still works, the one from the HTPC (at least i think it still works, i don't trust it, it's sitting on my desk used as a paperweight, literally).
  7. I haven't had any issues and have 3 of their drives, in 2 desktops and my laptop. Send me whatever you're not using and I'll take good care of it ;)
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