Coolermaster Cosmos S question about the case+additional questions


I am thinking to buy new PC.
I found PC case that i like.
Case details:

Case name: Cooler Mater Cosmos S
Case color: Must
Case product code: RC-1100-KKN1-GP

Link to one review(5 pages there with quality pictures of the case):

As i am getting to my computer Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition 3.33 GHz 12MB Socket LGA1366
what cooler shoukld i get that kfits to mentioned case with no problem and same time provides good cooling.

I am also getting 1x Sapphire RADEON HD 5970 4GB (will this card fitt to mentioned case).

and Corsair DDR3 PC-15000 1866MHz 6GB CL9 (9-9-9-24)(KIT OF 3 - 2GB) with cooling

Motherboard Asus Socket 1366 RAMPAGE III EXTREME )
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  1. I have a Cosmos and its an amazing case. I heard they screwed up on the S though, it had very poor build quality. This was 2-3 years ago though, so they may have mended these problems.
  2. I did look at cosmos case also th it is anoyng for me to have front door.
    My old computer had very poor cooling therefor i am searching for case that has good cooling.
    As i know the ATI card i mentioned above gets realy hot.
    I did look also at Cooler Master HAF X RC-942-KKN1 Big-Tower - black case tho it is not beautyful case.(it is robust in my oppinion).
  3. I'd go with the HAF X, its a much newer case and is critically acclaimed. If you don't like the color, you can always paint it. Like our friend MonsterMawd did:
  4. If i go with Cooler Master HAF X RC-942-KKN1 Big-Tower what vents should i get as case comes with mentioned cooling options:

    Front:230 x 30 mm red LED fan on/off x 1
    Top:200 x 30mm fans x 2 (one optional)
    Side:200 x 30mm fan x 1
    Rear:140 x 25mm fan x 1
    VGA Fan Duct:120 x 25 mm or 120 x 38 mm fan x 1(optional)
    VGA Holder:80 x 15 mm fan x 1(optional)

    i wold preffer to also install optional fans.
  5. Go for Lian Li. Expensive, but worth the price!
  6. The Cosmos S is by no means inferior with its build quality.. Thought personnely, i too would recommend getting a LianLi.. Have a look at the LianLi PC A70F..
  7. hell_storm2004 said:
    Go for Lian Li. Expensive, but worth the price!

    Lian Lis are expenisve? They have cases as low as $50 (Which are still very nice cases, btw) and as high as $500. Like other manufacturers, they appeal to many different price ranges.

    I'm a Lian Li guy myself, but they don't have many, "Windtunnel" cases like the OP is looking for.
  8. reason why iwanted computer case that has left side vent isthat then it can blow cool air directly to my graphics card and also motherboard.
    HAF case is robust and i do not like the way it looks tho i like cosmos s 1100 main concern with cosmos is that can i install CPU cooled(perhaps water cooler corsair?).
    so that i do not need to remove side fan.As i understand Radeon HD card will fit to to both cases with no problem.I did look soo many reviews on youtube and still bit confused.In my country(Estonia) i need to order the case cause shops here do not have such cases.They have cases that are madefor mass production and low budget computers.
  9. Presence or absence of side intake fans is not going to create a world of difference when it comes to cooling the GPU's.. Instead they are bound to create problems for certain tall CPU coolers to be installed properly..
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