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What is the maximum fps I would get with this set up on just cause 2 and other new games on 1440x900 on medium settings?
My Rig
Intel dual core E5300 @2.6ghz(stock clock)
Nvidia Geforce GT240 512MB GDDR5
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  1. Minimum and average frame rates are what matter.

    I would imagine your PC will run modern games on low/medium settings
  2. sorry , I mean minimum or average fps
  3. Well I can't tell you what average or minimum frame rates you'll get in JC2 or any other game.

    Why not check out some reviews of your graphics card like this one:
  4. thanks man, but all the sites compare with an i7 or a quad core and I m using a dual core @2.6ghz. I want to be sure that the cpu will not bottleneck the GPU
  5. Thats kind of a how long is a piece of string question. Depends on your resolution which you have stated and what settings you use in game, AA AF shadows etc. Also what OS you are using will have an effect as well.

  6. Ok, I m using Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
    on no AA AF shadows
  7. I would guess around 30 ash as an average, why not just download the demo and run the benchmark
    You know you will need a steam acount to play the game ?

  8. thanks mactronix, But I am now about to upgrade my graphics from the laggy 9400gt to the gt240 GDDR5 . I want to be sure I will have a smooth gameplay. My 9400gt gives me about 15.0fps on high settings(1440x900) in resident evil 5
  9. Ok i see well take a good look around this review of a HD5570. It includes the 9400 and the 240. Should give you some idea of the increase to expect.

  10. thnks man!!
  11. but can you help me to a site that benchmarked the gpu's with an E5300 at stock clocks(2.6ghz)
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    julianminnow said:
    but can you help me to a site that benchmarked the gpu's with an E5300 at stock clocks(2.6ghz)

    You would get less, though the loss would probably be variable. Hardware sites would always test with the latest and greatest cpu to eliminate possible bottlenecks and just see what the gpu could do. In this day, you'd probably find no reputable hardware site that would review a graphics card, compare it to other graphics cards, and then mix it also with the cpu (especially older cpu's). It would just take too much time and effort and the publicity gain would be little.

    The closest thing you may be able to compare it to, is the Pentium G9650:,2540-8.html

    Or maybe the E6500 (though it is clocked higher):,2439-5.html

    If you're really concerned with bottlenecking, try overclocking your cpu to 3.0~3.3 and judge for yourself if the gain is sufficient.
  13. I was able to run devil may cry 4(dx10) benchmarks at a low setting at 120fps-135fps
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  15. i was able to run the game on very high settings , with AA set to 4x and GPU water simulation on . I got abt 30.4fps on the average
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