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Hey everyone,

I'm running out of space on my data drive (thank the steam summer sale for that) and I've always wanted a raid 0 array so I'm thinking now would be a good time. I have a 500gig 5400rpm laptop drive currently in the computer and the second drive will be a 600gig 5900rpm drive. now let me start with my questions.

1.) I know I'll lose 100gig off the 600 but does the difference in speed matter? I'm assuming the array will only go as fast as the slowest drive.

2.) how would I clone 1 drive to the new array? if I just use regular cloning software will my raid controller handle distributing the data out correctly to the two drives?

3.) what kind of performance can I expect out of a raid 0 array with two 5400/5900 rpm drives? right now my load times are pretty shitty. I'm not looking for SSD times but will I outperform a WD black? get close? because if not, then I'll skip the hassle and buy a 1TB WD black and put the two smaller drives in a JBOD array :)

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  1. 1) the speed of a raid 0 is (theoretically) the speed of the slowest drive multiplied by the number of drives.
    2) you can clone a drive to a raid array, but if the source drive is also to be part of the new raid then it can't be done (at least not without a fancy raid controller card that supports raid level migration)
    3) without knowing the speed of your current 5400rpm drive i can't say how it'll compare to a WD black (although i'm inclined to think it still won't quite match it)
    4) i highly suggest not keeping any important data on a raid 0! if you come back a year from now and post "my raid 0 died and i lost all my irreplaceable [wedding/baby/graduation/naked ex-girlfriend] photos, help me recover them" i'm going to reply "told you so".
  2. no worries about important info, it's literally just games off of steam and some blizzard titles. all replaceable with the click of a button.

    not sure what you mean by #3, the speed of my current data drive is 5900rpm and the new drive (taken out of a laptop) is 5400rpm.

    I also think I can clone the orginal drive onto a friends WD B 1TB while I format and ready the other two drives for the array. just wanted to make sure it was possible before doing it =)

  3. I wouldn't waste time with the RAID0 with those 2 drives - just buy a new 1TB drive
  4. dingo07 said:
    I wouldn't waste time with the RAID0 with those 2 drives - just buy a new 1TB drive

    This ^ for certain is excellent advice. Thats all I am gonna say.
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