I need some help!!!

here is the deal, i need a laptop for university. nothing to special and i'm not willing to spend an obscene amount on a top notch computer. I want to have the option to play some games on it and am hoping to get myself a copy of Starcraft 2. What would you guys recommend for me? I've been looking for a new dell with an 2.4 GHz i5 (i7 are a little too pricy) with 4 GB of memory (should I get 6?). But i was wondering wether or not an 2.26GHz i3 would cut it for me, or is that not enough. Also they have two choices between graphics cards, an Intel HD graphics or an ATI mobility Radeon HD 5650 (1GB). On first glance i'm assuming i'd have to get the ATI card, eh? If you guys know of anything better just let me know and if you could answer some of those questions that would be Ideal. Thanks alot!
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  1. Probably better off posting this in Homebuild/Pre-built tbh man
    Im not a laptop fan in general so I wont advise either build hehe :)
    Oh go on then, I'm tired and in a good mood,
    i5 with 4Gb, Ati card
  2. thanks for the advice Moto
  3. ^+1: Motopsychojdn
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