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i had a ScamVirus attack my computer,I thought successfully got rid of the virus,but two days later after being on the computer,i cut it off and would not reboot. Now when i turn on the tower it beeps and the red light appears,and the monitor reads NO SIGNAL TO MONITOR and then goes blank,im not sure if the keyboard and mouse are working or not because nothing shows on the screen. I have a HP Compaq dx2000MT Tower,ITS not the monitor because i hooked another 1 to the computer tower and it did the same thing. The Virus was the one that claims to be the FBI and demand you pay 200.00 tru PayPal to avoid being charged. Can this be fixed/and if so whats the easiest way? Thanks tinyroger
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  1. sounds like it might of bricked BIOS, try to see if you can get BIOS to show up at all. If not, try to find if there is a jumper you can move to reset BIOS to a failsafe.
  2. The beeps tell you what is wrong. How many and what kind of beeps, ie long or short and grouped how? Here's a link to compaq beep codes.

    After that we'll attack your virus but in the meantime download malware bytes or kapersky rescue disk (and burn to a cd) and a live copy of ubuntu burned to a cd wouldn't hurt. The cds are because I find it useful to attack viruses without windows running, harder for them to hide.
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