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i was looking around in the AMD's site and found out that they were releasing AMD fusion series of processors
my question is that is Intel going to do the same because i am thinking of building a new gaming PC and if they are coming out soon then i can just wait for it
and my other question is that is it worth it
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  1. Well they have plans for Sandy Bridge end of this year or beginning of next year.
  2. Since they are going to be released soon, it is worthwhile waiting.
  3. If you're talking about a gaming PC with a dedicated GPU, then there is no point in waiting for Fusion.AMD specifically said that Fusion is not meant as a replacement for dedicated GPUs.
  4. I agree it is not worth waiting. You can always wait on the next "big" thing and if you do you will never build anything. Core i5 and i7s will be fast CPUs for years to come. Even older Core2 CPUs are still very powerful and fine for most gaming.

    AMD is a little behind the clock for clock speed curve and has been since Core2 but still makes some very good value chips and some real good gaming CPUs. AMD generally hangs on to a socket longer than Intel as well so you can upgrade your CPU without buying a new motherboard longer.

    I have to say that as someone who upgrades every few years that generally keeping a motherboard much longer than a few years is not something I am going to do anyway as other standards like RAM, PCI-E, SATA and USB also change by then.

    So go for it. Build the best you can for what budget you have.
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