Wait for Sandy Bridge to upgrade?

My current system is ~4 years old:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
NVidia GeForce 7900 GS
2GB DDR2-533 Memory
GeForce 6150 LE Chipset with Asus A8M2N-LA Mobo
250GB SATA 7200rpm HDD

I (try to) do a not insignificant amount of video editing, some casual gaming, plus some 3D CAD stuff in linux (in addition to browsing, word processing, and coding mostly in C# and VB6). I'm definitely feeling the limitations of my system; it blue screens/locks up periodically in a variety of different ways for a bunch of different reasons (a.k.a. no reason :) ).

I'm considering an upgrade right about now, and I was wondering if you guys would suggest I wait 6 months until Intel's new Sandy Bridge architecture comes out, or go ahead and get on board (I'd probably go with an i7 930 + DDR3 RAM).
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  1. I say just go for it right now, because no matter the hardware its not going to be the best.

    Whats your budget if you go for it right now?


    Would you use newegg or tigerdirect?
  2. How long do you think until the i7's are obsolete/outdated? I'm not looking for the best of the best, but I do know I want Intel quad core. Also, how high-end is the Q4 2010/Q1 2011 Sandy Bridges stuff supposed to be?

    If I were to do a build now, budget would probably be ~ $1500. Probably I'd go mostly with Newegg stuff.

    Thanks very much!
  3. Waiting to upgrade really doesn't make sense in most cases. There will always be something better on the horizon. If you see something you like now, go for it.

    Based the needs you outlined, I would suggest the X6 1055T ($200), the 1090T ($300)or the I7 980X ($1000). Not only do this three chips best fit your user profile, but more cores is always better in the long run. 4 years from now, you will be glad you went with 6 cores.
  4. I would consider the AMD II's and the i5's and i7's great CPU's for the money! It's up to you though.
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