Q6600 extremely hot

I have a FRONTIER Irock IR11A-BK/SV case for my computer, which has a frontal fan and a side one. Front fan stopped working 1 hour ago. Side one works.

Mobo is : Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L
CPU is OC'ed to work at 2,4 ghz

Since an image is worth 2000 words here it is.
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  1. You will probably want move that side fan to the front and turn it into an intake or move it to the back and make it an outtake. Leave it if it's an intake from the side unless it's one of those specifically designed to help with Intel's cooling design.

    Did you make sure that the cooler is mounted properly, and that there isn't too much thermal paste?
  2. I can't open the case because it has a warranty seal attached to it, so I've sent it back to the shop, and they will fix it. Hope they do a better job now, as opposite to the assembly one.
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