Cooler for the Phenom II 955 BE

Whats the best cooler I can get for a low price, to overclock the 995 BE to 4ghz stable?
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  1. Which case are you using?
  2. Antec 902
  3. CM212+ , NH-U12P , CM N520 will all fit... idk if u will get the 4ghz on the CM212+ tho, but it is a very good value cooler.. one of the best value actually.

    try looking thru some reviews here;

    Not all 955's will get to 4ghz on air.
  4. Thanks for the quick response so i was looking at the CM N520, you think i very well reach atleast 3.8 ghz? Plus i get awesome airflow in my case!
  5. It's hard to say as all CPU's are not created equally, but 3.8ghz sounds entirely possible.

    The only thing I would add, is if you haven't installed any aftermarket coolers before, take a look here
  6. Would the Thermaltake Frio fit in the Antec 902??
  7. Yea with room left over I was looking at the fan dimensions (120(L) x 120(H) x 25(W) mm), So TBH i don't know if it will or not

    it's 139(L) x 98(W) x 165(H) mm compared the the cm212+'s 120 x 79.7 x 158.5 mm

    You might have to do some measuring :)
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