Two systems, both broken, what's up?

I am having the worst luck with my computers...And right when I have a bunch of assignments due too!


I just recently built a computer, and it has been working fine for about three weeks. A few days ago, my brother was playing a game on it, and left the computer on for a while after he had finished (I did the same thing a bunch of times). I can't remember whether the computer shut itself off or if I did, just that it was on for a while after the game, and then it was off. Now it won't start.

The motherboard makes no beep. The fans start spinning (CPU and case), then immediately stop. I have left it unplugged for a day and tried to restart it, but that didn't work. As soon as I plug in power, the computer fans start whirring, then shut off, and it does this every time I press the power button. However I noticed that when I flip the switch on and off on the power supply, nothing changes. It only starts when I unplug and plug back in the power cable. Is it the power supply? Would the mobo make a beep even if it was broken? I don't see a mobo LED light up, but I didn't see it on the board they all have one? Any troubleshooting advice would be SO welcome.


Second, and much less urgent, I have about a year old Lenovo laptop that for the last month or so has had a loose wire connection between the wall and the charger. I had to kind of wiggle the thing around to make it work, and it was kind of a pain but I could live with it.

I went away for the weekend and left it plugged in. When I came back, it was still plugged in, but the charger connection light was not on as it had been when I left it. I could still wiggle the cord around to make it light up, but the battery charging light wouldn't turn on, only the battery-charger connection light (which I think means that the battery is fully charged).

I cut open the cord, fixed the connection, and the power cord works perfectly again. However, now my computer can no longer run off of the battery. In power management I can see the battery is connected, it reads a 100% charge, the power-battery connection lights up when I put the battery in, and turns off when I take it out (the computer stays on when plugged in). However, the physical battery charge lights on the laptop are not showing up and as soon as i pull the plug, the laptop turns off. One thing I did notice: right when I turn on the computer, the physical lights show a full charge, then go away. Also, right when I take the battery out and put it back in, the lights come on for a short amount of time, then go away. During these times, if I pull the battery, it still shuts off.

Hope I gave enough information, and thanks for the help.
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  1. I'd say try to find a power supply to plug in and test right quick. Maybe one of your friends will let you use one from their comp.

    As far as the laptop thing, look at the actual connectors and see if they're corroded or something. Either that or it's probably dead.
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