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I have a Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 and it was working well untill after I reformated the hard disk drive and reinstalled windows 7. Once i got to the partition selection screen much of the space on the HDD vanished. It was a TB HDD and ive reformated once before and didnt have this problem but it only shows 1 partition and its only 590gb in size. When i boot up dariks boot and nuke it still only registers the 590gb hdd and another unrecognizable device. I dont know what the problem could be but it was a terabyte and was read to be around 940gbs or something around there and now much of the hdd space is vanished now matter how many times i reformat and or wipe the drive using dban or partition magic it seems to have dissapeard.

If anyone can tell me what im doing wrong and or how this can be fixed it would be great to have my full Terabyte back. Thanks In Advanced!!
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  1. Ninja space vanish without trace
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    Anyway, sounds like you have a problem with the partition. I'm guessing that when you installed you only made the partition 590GB and the rest is partitioned space. Click the start button and put diskmgmt.msc in the search box (I'm assuming you have Windows 7) . You should then be able to see if you just have unpartitioned space and adjust your existing partition to occupy it.
  3. Thanks for the reply however there is no other partitions or unpartitioned space and ive searched under disk manager in windows and with many other hard disk utilities such as partition magic and dariks boot and nuke. If there is more space witch there should be I dont know how its being hidden.
  4. Then your partition may be improperly formatted. If you wanted to format it you could remove the drive, put it in an external enclosure, and connect it to another computer. There are some utilities that will allow you to do a "factory format" and that should solve your issues. Of course if the drive is dying you're shortening it's life, but better to find out now then when you have important stuff on it :p
  5. Took me a while to realize it but someone disassembled my notebook and switched the TB I had in it for a 640 witch explains the whole thing. Missing screws broken clips I think I figured this out. Thanks much for the help!!!! the only thing to do now is kick someones ass. I mean really if yer gonna play someone at least have to courtesy do it right.
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  7. Doh, it happens :D.
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