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Is there a different motherboard that i can replace this intel with? I have an MDG with a lot of room. Does anyone have any good suggestions?
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  1. Depends on your ram; I would upgrade that also; newegg has some kingston ddr3 for $20 after promo code and rebate, but it may be sold out by now. Some newer boards such as the g31 will run old ram; some won't.
  2. What would you replace it with cause i'm not sure what will work. i will replace the ram along with it your best suggestion is appreciated.
  3. I would pick a board listed at Even if you don't buy from them, they have reviews on many boards and webpage links. Go to the webpage for the board you're interested in and look under "cpu support". Most good websites list cpus that the board will work with and any bios files required. Some boards by asus have numerous bios updates available; asus is pretty good about this. Since your cpu is old, it's imperative you check this out before ordering. Only a few newer ddr3 boards will support older p4 cpus, so check them out carefully. Ddr3 or ddr2 would work fine, but ddr3 is cheaper right now at some venders. Also, there are a few select boards that can use either ddr2 or ddr3, but not both at the same time. These are simpler boards for non overclockers; usually micro atx for smaller cases, and should have onboard video.
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