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Do the directX 11 Games dirt,battlefield etc run on dx10 supporting cards.if yes then what are actual benefits of dx11.
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  1. Yes, and the benefits are increased visual effects and/or performance increases for cards that are DX11 ready.
  2. Dx 11 more eye candy but idk about performance boost I will have to look into that.
  3. DX11 generally reduces performance (with the odd exception) but like the others have mentioned it increases visuals. The main feature of DX11 is tesselation.
  4. Depends; DX11 includes a path that optimizes some functions, which leads to some speed increases. DX11 also includes some new features which are very preformance heavy. So on a game-by-game basis, it depends. For example, Dirt2 looses a lot of performance in DX11, but Stalker actually gains performance.
  5. Yes, they all have a DX10 or DX9 path. DX11 is simply used for extra effects. Right now DX11 games simply have DX11 bolted on rather than being designed with DX11 in mind. Since game development takes a while it will be at least a year before you see games that start to really take advantage of DX11.
  6. Thanks all.
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