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  1. Did you reset the CMOS?

    P.S. Using all caps is rude.
  2. I am sorry bros was hurry to the work and standing while typing.

    I have updated the bios to latest firmware. Do I need to reset & do the setting of bios again?

    Because this board does not detect 1600mhz ram So I need to O.C it .
    I have already disable IO Level up inside the bios

    Anything else I am missing here?

  3. After flashing BIOS, it is mandatory to reset the CMOS; otherwise it won't work properly. 1600Mhz RAM can't be selected from the list even if you flahed the latest BIOS revision.
  4. Dear,

    I have reseted the bios to default setting but still exist same problem stuck on main screen. Is the right way to reset the bios?

    Also this board to read 1600 we need to set the dram freq by manually inside to O.C the dram than it can read 1600.

    But I dont know how to solve the main problem now.

  5. Did you save the CMOS default settings?
  6. yes first I saved the default setting and restarted the computer.
    Then second time I O.C the dram frequency to 1600 & save the settings.
    After one night next day morning have same problem again.
    each time I need to open the case & press the IO level up button on the board
    & restart then it is OK for one time use.

    I don't understand what causes this & everytime after one day I need to perform same action again.

  7. Why do you need to run the RAM at 1600MHz? This motherboard is quite good (it even supports vt-d), but I don't believe the performance improvement at 1600MHz is worth the trouble. I run mine at 1333MHz and it's very stable.
  8. Brother this morning I have resetted to 1333Mhz by default settings of Bios because I was afraid that my wife will not able to use her computer as I come back from work too late. I have asked her she told again is same problem. She need to restart twice from main screen of Bios to get in windows. Even I have formated the windows and done everything again but still same issue. Could it be the problem with my memory ADATA 2G x 2G ?

  9. If running at default settings, then it could be the RAM. I'm using G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL Ripjaws 2 x 2GB in mine and it's fine. Are you using a good quality PSU?
  10. Yes the PSU is 500W , GTR brand which is good quality in Hong Kong,
    Good to see you are happy with your system, I have build this system few months ago and installed win 7 ultimate sp 1. But still cant solve this cold boot problem, Ken
  11. I may be wrong, but there might be an issue with the motherboard. However my first step would be to try a different PSU (if possible for you). Even the best units can fail.
  12. OK thanks I will try your method
  13. Hi Hope you are fine.

    Below is the link to the ram I am using Gaming series 1600Mhz

    I have studied the asus site and noticed

    4 x DIMM, Max. 16 GB, DDR3 2200(O.C.)*/1600/1333/1066 Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory
    Dual Channel memory architecture
    Supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)
    *Hyper DIMM support is subject to the physical characteristics of individual CPUs. Some hyper DIMMs only support one DIMM per channel. Please refer to Memory QVL for details.
    **Refer to www.asus.com or this user manual for the Memory QVL(Qualified Vendors Lidts

    So I think this issue is related to my ram.

    What do you think about it?

    Thank you

  14. You link doesn't work. To verify if the RAM is the issue, use only one module.
  15. Hi

    I have went to exchange 2 new rams sticks, but the person only changed one stick.
    As for the other he said is slightly burn the metal chip. So cannot exchange.
    I don't know what cause this burn. Can it by O.C to 1600Mhz?
    My ram stick is 1600Mhz. I remember once upon a time due to coldboot issue I have tried to adjust the volt of dram to little higher 0.5V+.

    Can this be the reason?

    I will try to use one ram first tonight & see the result tommorrow after cold boot,
    another stick waiting for a solution. to throw or can it be repair?

  16. Did you really increase voltage by 0.5V instead of 0.05V? If so, then no wonder you're having issues. The module can't be repaired, but it's inexpensive.
  17. Sorry bro it should 0.05V
    But I have noticed the Ram can support from 1.5V to 1.75V.

    Do you think my motherboard ram slot also damaged inside?
    Because now I don't have second stick to test it.

    Now if I insert working ram 2gb into blue 1st slot it is OK & the system is running.
    But if I take out and put it in 2nd blue slot the system is beeping.

    Does that mean my second blue slot is damage? or the motherboard don't recognize 2nd blue slot if 1st is empty?

    Anyway I will take the motherboard for body check up.

  18. Quote:
    Does that mean my second blue slot is damage? or the motherboard don't recognize 2nd blue slot if 1st is empty?
    If you read your manual, it should mention that the first slot has to be populated.
  19. Hi bro

    Long time
    Finally I got back my mobo from Asus and they exchanged the board for me because they cant find out the problem and they tested the second board which was OK for them.

    I have assembled it and tried but with same error again next morning.
    Board changed , Ram changed and PSU too,
    ADI 5770 also tested with no error.
    I use one ata ide of 160gb with this board and Sata as primary for windows.

    Now I am really surprised with this issue what is going on,

    Help me anyone.

  20. Please provide full system specs. Do you still have the issue if you don't use the IDE drive? I built a similar system for my kid and it runs fine, but I don't use IDE drives.
  21. Hi

    Win 7 Ultimate
    I5- 750
    Adata 1600Mhz DDR3 2gb x 2
    ATI 5770 1GB
    GTR - psu 500W
    1TB - SATA 2 drive - Master ( partition 100gb for system , balance for storage)
    IDE - 160gb
    Pioneer DVD writer

    I have tried to test by removing the case fans electricity but still have same problem
    Now I am doubting if the driver of GPU is giving problem and this is my last hope.

    Otherwise I will try to change the DDR3 ram to other good brands.

    Nothing else I can think of it , and my wife is frustrated on this new system

    thanks bro
  22. The fans shouldn't cause that issue. My system has a few differences with yours; no IDE drives and different memory modules and PSU. If you disconnect the IDE cable from the motherboard, do you still have the same issue? Is the RAM running at 1600 Mhz? Have you tried to run it at 1333 MHz? GPU drivers can't cause that type of boot issue; it should be hardware related.
  23. Hello bro, good day
    First I have tested removed IDE drive and next day with same problem.
    Yesterday I have removed and updated GPU driver to latest. Because the system keeps restarting after windows logo so I have removed the ram stick and reinstalled same then it was back to normal till midnight.

    Today morning blue screen again after window logo.
    It says Memory_Management,

    I have no other options but to spend extra money to get new DDR3 stick.

    Which brand shall I get?

    I want to buy single 2 gb first to make sure it is running before I buy one more.

    No I am not running at 1600 anymore everything set to dafault in bios setup.

    Thanks and waiting your advice.
  24. It's the first time you mention that the system reboots by itself while loading Windows. Did you run memtest86+ for several hours? You may need to increase voltage a bit or adjust other settings to make your modules work. I'd certainly try 1.65v before buying new modules.

    I'm using G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL at the default SPD (1333 Mhz) settings in mine.
  25. Hi bro

    Yes as soon as windows logo disappear and try to enter windows the system scr will turn to blue.
    By the way mem test can solve the problem and how will this solve?

    Secondly I will try to adjust the volt to 1.65 as you said.
    What else should I modify?

    Thank u so much.

  26. You should run memtest86+ to determine if the issue is caused by the memory modules or not. The goal is to identify the cause of your issues before swapping more parts; if memtest86+ returns no errors, then the issue is caused by something else and buying new modules wouldn't help. Also check the Event Viewer and tell us what the error code was.
  27. I am running memtest now so far passed 1. Still going on .
    Some says A-data module are voltage hungry and need to set it step by step from 1.66v .

    Since my ram is 1600Mhz I have set it to O.C to 1600Mhz in mobo and adjusted the v to 1.66v.

    Upon the memtest finish and then I will wait and see if still have same problem then I can adjust the V to higher little bit and test again.

    Hope this helps and thanks buddy for your kindness,
  28. You're not supposed to exceed 1.65v. Loosen the timings or run them at 1333 MHz if need be. Unless you run benchmarks, you'll never be able to tell the difference.
  29. Dram support voltage between 1.55v-1.75v, when I want to set 1.65v it goes to 1.64v or 1.66v only.

    This morning when wake up turned on the monitor screen the memtest was still running with all passes no error but something strange happen on screen.

    The center & bottom of screen become ghost characters & it was unreadable,
    Can I post a picture here?

  30. Then you have a video card issue.
  31. Just started the computer after many hours, damm same problem again with different voltages.

    here is the photo of memtest this morning when the strange characters.

  32. Based on your latest findings, I'd definitely try a different video card.
  33. Will I be able to use my previous normal AGP video which is not PCIex?
  34. You motherboard doesn't have an AGP slot. If you only have one PC, can you borrow a video card from a friend or from your IT department at work?

    Out of curiosity, is your video card overclocked?
  35. No dear my video card not overclocked.

    This is my card

    My video card need to plug in 6 pin cord on the side. I plugged in the one direct from PSU to the card and not use the one supplied with the VGA card.

    I have noticed the VGA card included one cable which is same socket as the PSU, also on other sides are 2 splited sockets which need to plug into PSU and then to the card.

    I didn't use it because I thought it was only for those whose PSU dont have same PCI express socket to plug into VGA. Because my PSU have label of PCI express on the cable socket, therefore I used the same.

    But when I checked the one supplied with VGA I have noticed the socket inside only have 5 pins whereas
    the one on my PSU was 6 pins. I dont know if this causing the problem.

    Now I have removed PSU and attached the one supplied with VGA card (5pin) to PSU.
    At first have BOSD one time after total power off and on the system went straight into windows without BSOD.

    Will check tomorrow morning which is most important to me.
    Then I will decide if need to try with other VGA card.

    Will keep you updated.

  36. Same issue again this morning.
    Should I disable the driver of vga and try again to test whether is the problem with driver or vga card?
  37. The garbled screen definitely is a video card issue. When running memtest86+, no drivers are loaded, therefore it can't be a driver issue.
  38. Very good answer.
    I will return back for them to check the hardware.
  39. May I know why the BSOD always show problem error is with Memory mangement?
    Maybe it is related to the faulty VGA memory?

  40. I don't know, but it always is a good idea to fix what seems to be defective. In addition to memtest86+, you could also run Prime 95. In the end you still need to replace the video card with one that's known to work properly.
  41. Dear today I have returned my HIS ATI 5770 back to the manf for test & repairing which may take 14days. They have given me temporarily card 5750 till I get back 5770.

    I will plug this in and will know the result. thks
  42. Bad luck always with me. I have replaced the temporally card with model 5750 same brand which is
    provided by the company. This morning same issue again with BSOD after windows logo.

    I have noticed one thing was after I cut off the power to motherboard from main switch the system will run like a charm. But if whole night the board with green led on under standby mode(System pwr off) then the next morning will occur BSOD issue.

    Called up Asus repair center they said try removing the motherboard from the case maybe it is short circuit somewhere and if this is not the case then the last doubt on CPU because I5 are equipped with ram controllers & not on board like old days.

    So even if small problem with CPU may cause BOSD immediately.
    I will try above point 1 first. Because I remember the board installed without the metal round screws under the board which is to hold the board before screwing because of some problem I didn’t use those.
  43. Quote:
    Because I remember the board installed without the metal round screws under the board which is to hold the board before screwing because of some problem I didn’t use those.
    Are you saying that you didn't use the standoffs? There should be one standoff under each mounting hole and none should be installed where there isn't a mounting hole.
  44. yes dear standoff. But finally this issue not related to standoff exists or not n e more.
    The system is totally bare now and mobo is placed on top of empty paper box.
    still exist the same problem early morning. I have removed all the things and wirings.
    except the mobo,cpu,vga,ram,harddisk and dvdrom.

    strange thing is if cut off main power the system will boot up with out BSOD.
    and if not cut off main power just start the system from cold then have this problem
    Don't know if is related to I5 750 cpu or not.

    If I return back for checkup they will take a month more time to test the cpu.

    what a bad luck and no idea at all
  45. Next morning, disconnect the PC for a few seconds and then reconnect it before attempting to power up. If it boots without issues, then I'd suggest you try a different PSU (even though you claim that yours is a quality unit).
  46. dear,
    I have done as you said,disconnected the pc from the pwr and reconnect it , powered up but unlucky same bsod. Even though PSU was changed to new one 3 weeks ago.

    What next shall I try?
  47. How can I scan my SATA hardrisk if any problem with this? last doubt will be on CPU I think.
  48. Try booting from a CD or a DVD. The CPU could be the issue, but I've never seen one fail because it was cold.
  49. Hi dear
    Sometime I tried to boot from a CD to want to reinstall the win7 the blue screen never stops. Do you think something wrong with my new SATA drive or is CPU?
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