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Is there any way to reset a flash bios firmware without flashing it? What I have in mind is that is it possible to reset a bios firmware by shorting its pins?

Let us take the SST 25VF512 chip as an example with the following pin configuration:

P1 - CE# - Chip enable
P2 - SO - Serial data output
P3 - WP# - Write protect
P4 - VSS - Ground
P5 - VDD - Power supply
P6 - HOLD# - Hold
P7 - SCK - Serial Clock
P8 - SI - Serial data input

I am not really an expert about this but do know some electronics stuff, so I wonder if I will short some pins of this chip, it will cause the firmware to reset. (ex. password in firmware will be erased)

I would really appreciate any inputs or suggestions you guys will give.

God bless!!

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  1. P.S. This chip is not connected to a PC motherboard so resetting it like with cmos clear or shorting the battery will not work.
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