Best socket 478 motherboard with pci express

looking for an upgrade ive got a 2.8 gig p4 but i want a better graphics card and the motherboard i have only supports agp :(
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  1. 478 is a very, very dead platform. You'd be better off just buying a new system.
  2. Save up for a whole new system. Your P4 would choke pretty much any new graphics card you put in there. I would not bother with trying to find an AGP part as the same is true of the best AGP cards too.
  3. atleast go for newer i3.... u r wasting ur money if u will stick to that ages ago dead 478.......
  4. Agreed with above. To answer your question I'm not sure there are any. S775 arrived about the same time PCIe did. The first Intel chipsets that supported PCIe were the 915/925. These were S775 only AFAIK. Its possible that Asrock made some hybrid board, but they would be rare and very expensive.
  5. It dont matter what GPU you put with a 478 CPU the CPU will bottleneck.
  6. Go and get your self a AM3 Platform with ddr 3 and get a amd Athlon x4 processor with a 5450 radeon..

    With knock that system till next tuesday...

    dont bother with it...
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