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I was wondering if anyone knew of any mobo's that support up to x3 or x4 PCI-Express x16 lanes at at least x8 each and supports 1600mhz RAM.I found an MSI board but was bummed to find out it doesn't naturally support 1600mhz RAM.Also the mobo has to support socket AM3 for a Phenom ii x6 prosscesor.

The MSI version i wanted but won't take 1600mhz.

Spending limit has to be under $180.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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  1. What is the planned usage for 4 PCIe X16 slots? You will have 1) a hard time finding an acceptable motherboard for you needs and 2) finding one at your cost.

    You would be better suited going with an X58 setup but you are looking at a more expensive build.
  2. I currently have a 6870 and a phenom ii x4 965@3.9ghz and i wanted to get a new mobo for crossfire.I wanted to wait until April until Bulldozer comes out but i got to thinking and it's just going to be way to much money for a crossfire mobo and new chip.So i'm planning on getting a crossfire mobo now and then waiting until the new chip comes out to buy a phenom ii x6 because the prices will drop.So currently i'm just looking for a new mobo that will support x3 or x4 crossfire.

    I am actually having a really hard time finding one for my needs.So far i've only found 2 mobo's from Asus and MSI but they both don't support 1600mhz RAM naturally.Do you not think it can be done for my price range?
  3. I'm actually just about to give up on trying to find a x3 or x4 mobo and just go with a really good dual x16 mobo.I think my options will open up a lot.
  4. I own that board, and it will run 1600MHz RAM without issue. MSI says it'll run something to the nature of 2133MHz, actually.

    Just plug in the proper timings and voltage in the BIOS and everything should run without a hitch. It's simple, providing the RAM you buy is compatible. I use GSkill Ripjaws, and no issues popped up.

    However, I'd recommend a dual-slot 890FX board instead, for the SATA6, and USB3. Unless you see yourself running three cards, it's not really necessary. However, its tweakability is excellent, and the flexibility offered by the 4 PCIe slots is nice; I have two 470's in SLI, and a soundcard, and fitting that all in was simple.
  5. I really don't use anything that requires SATA or even USB.I would probably remove the CD Player just because i don't ever use it.I did have my eyes set on a SSD drive but i'll probably get the older genteration of SSD's not the brand new ones.

    So when it doesn't naturally support 1600mhz but it says it will on O.C. that just means you have to manually set the timmings?
  6. Yep, it's a matter of manually punching in the figures. This guide for the MSI 790FX will help you show you the simple process:

    Providing your memory is compatible, then things should work without a hitch.

    One thing worth mentioning is that the Phenom II's memory controller was not entirely reliable with overclocked memory when all the slots were filled. I believe that has changed with the C3 stepping, but if you're running 8GB of memory, it'd be something worth looking into.

    Still, I'd recommend an 890 board. The venerable 790 has been around since late 2007, and seeing as you're buying a relatively premium board, it'd be in your interest to have the newest southbridge for easier support. Plus, the 890 does support TRIM for SSD's according to AMD, whereas it's far more hit and miss for the 790.

    Either way, I've been incredibly happy with the 790FX-GD70, and wouldn't think twice if I had the option to buy it again.

    Thats the board over at MSI.It says that it supports RAM of 1.5volts.When my ram is at 1600mhz it should be at 1.6volts.Will that be a problem?

    Also the Heatsink that says Military Class on it seems kinda tall.Do you think that could be a problem for a Thermaltake Frio heatsink?
  8. I was referring to pretty much any 890FX motherboard, although that MSI looks great, and is an attractive price after rebate. They also have the 890FX-GD70, which has several PCIe x16 slots, but it's considerably more expensive.

    If your RAM calls for 1.6V, you should be able to configure that voltage in the BIOS. I'm not familiar with the 890FX-GD65's BIOS, but I'd assume it'd be relatively similar to the 790FX's. [H]OCP had their memory set to 1.7'ish volts with the 890FX-GD70, so I'd be certain you'll be fine if you get a GD65.

    The VRM heatsink looks a bit taller than my 790FX, but slightly narrower. My Hyper 212+ with two fans just barely touches my heatsink, so if the Frio is a bigger cooler, you may have issues. Ultimately, I cannot attest whether you'll have an issue or not; the CPU area is nice and clean though.
  9. After reading some reviews of the 890FX-GD65 to see if any aftermarket cooelrs might have trouble fitting i cam across a review about AM3+.I guess it's speculation because of MSI's typo on their board saying that it will support the new Bulldozer AM3+ chips that they might give you an actual AM3+ board.But i guess it's just speculation.I'll have to read more into that when Bulldozer comes out.

    Look here.Zoom in and look at the MSI logo heatsink and right above that you can see the AM3+Support print.

    Still haven't found any reviews on it about an aftermarket cooler issue but the board still looks good.
  10. Lots of the reviews for the MSI 890FXA-GD65 and stating that it's defective or they have BIOS problems with startup.Do you htink i should look into another board?
  11. Hmm, interesting catch with that AM3+ print. Seems like it's creating a bit of confusion, and I've no idea whether it'll work or not. My understanding was that BD CPU's were not supposed to work with 8xx/7xx chipsets. Interesting.

    As for choosing a board, I'd say that's your call. I've had good luck with MSI's RMA process up here in Canada, and their support forum seems quite decent. Reviews for the board seem mixed on Newegg, and there's no review from any major site.

    If you can forgo USB3, and TRIM support for an SSD, then perhaps the 790FX would be a good decision, as it meets your four PCIe slot requirement. For what it's worth, I'm running two SSD's on mine, but if TRIM isn't working, then I'm likely not getting the maximum performance/lifespan; all I have is the Sandforce's wear leveling mechanism.

    But if I were in your shoes, I'd be tempted to get the 890-GD65 as it is cheaper than the 'older' board, and offers a good feature set, as well as nice power circuitry for OC'ing a six-core.
  12. I'm really intrested in an Open box of the MSI 890FXA-GD70.It's priced at $144 the same price as the GD65.Is their much of a difference between the 2 besides the fact that the GD70 has more PCI-Express lanes.Like i said i don't use USB 3 at all and hardly use any SATAS but i am looking to upgrade to an SSD in the future.Does both the 890FXA's support the Phenom ii x6 naturally?
  13. Do you think i will have a better chance at reaching a higher O.C. with a six core with the GD65 vs the 70?
  14. The 890's should support six cores out of the box, but the newer ones may require a BIOS update. No big deal, just make sure you don't use MSI's web update utility. That program is bad juju.

    I can't speak to whether the OC's will be higher, unfortunately. I'd assume the difference will be negligible as the main components are the same.
  15. I'm wondering if that speculation is true about the AM3+ GD-65 version.I'm inclined to get that board just because of that.It will definitly save me money if it does turn out to be real and they start giving out Bulldozer mobo's.
  16. People seem just as confused about it, but MSI hasn't said a thing about whether it is actually capable of AM3+ or not. I'm assuming that by remaining mum on this board, they're silently acknowledging that a BD chip will work. If it doesn't, then they're going to have some very angry customers.
  17. I guess it is there being discrete about it but then again i don't think they would mess that up.Someone was saying that MSI is saying it's just a typo and that it will not at all be compatible with Bulldozer.But it is very possible it might be compatible with the new chips.Maybe not right off the bat but i'm sure later in the season maybe summer that they will start to introduce chips that are backwards compatible.

    This mobo is a prime example that it could be possible.
  18. Read the first post.;topicseen

    Seems that he called Tech Support for MSI and the Senior Tech said that with a BIOS update it should run the new AM3+ sockets.

    Looking good.
  19. You're taking a chance with it. I'd buy the board, but not on that feature being in my top five reasons. If it works out, then it's a nice bonus, but seeing as AMD has so far said that BD will be incompatible with 890, I'd be wary to buy the board hoping for BD support.
  20. After reading a few things i noticed that the 6870 isn't even capable of a tri or quad crossfire.It is speculation that a few companies will make versions of the 6870 that will be able to tri or quad crossfire but for now it's an unknown.So i think i'm just gonna go with a dual crossfire board.And i think the G65 really fits the bill.I think it's the fastest board isn't it,it is the 890 and that is the last model before the 9xx series.And yes i'm buying it for the board but if it does work for AM3+ with a simple BIOS update then that's a plus.

    I currently have a Gigabyte motherboard and i was wondering the BIOS will look/be the same for MSI?
  21. I just wanted to clarify with you because i can't find anything on MSI or newegg that states at what speed the pci-expressx16 slots run at in dual mode.Is it x16 for both or x8?I'm guessing x16 but i could be wrong.
  22. An 890FX board will run both cards at PCIe x16.

    I'm unsure what BIOS your board has, but both AMI and Award BIOS' are relatively similar. My MSI 790 has an AMI BIOS, and it's not that much different from the Award BIOS in one of my older MSI boards. Really, it's a matter of spending a minute flicking through the menu's and getting familiar. Plus, I found MSI's instruction booklet to be pretty good about describing various functions.
  23. Alright thankyou for clairifying.You've been a big help.I'm gonna go with the 890FX-GD65.Mostly in part because it's a stronger NB than any others and the 6870 isn't even capable of tri fire or quad crossfire.And the possibilty that with a BIOS update it could be AM3+.Defnitly a huge bonus if that turns out to work,but if not i'm surei 'll be happy with it anyway.

  24. Good luck! If you can, perhaps do a mini-review of the board with your 965. It'd be great to have a user review on this forum, given the limited reviews of the 890FX-GD65 online.
  25. I will try!
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