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Hello i am moving to a new PC for high end gaming because my older P4 does not have spec that are suitable for todays games. i saw that Athlon II X3 435 is a really superb economical processor, i recently saw it being compared with the i7 here at toms hardware and it really looked superb. Should i buy this processor and will it outclass core 2 duo for games?
My next question is that i found a really economical motherboard at Amazon BIOSTAR AM3/AM2+/AM2 DDR2 AMD 785G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard TA785GE 128M "" which does not specifically point out that the motherboard will support Athlon II X3 435 processor or not. Will it?
I have always used Intel boards and processors so im not familiar with AMD products, now my third question is will my old 2 gb DDr2 that i used on 945 intel board will be compatible with this? oh its a 800Mhz ram, will it be compatible?
My old graphic card ATI HD 4670 1Gb, will it be compatible with this motherboard?
I am basically importing the processor from the U.S where my sister lives to Pakistan where AMD is still aint quite popular and there are rare dealers who sell, repair and give warranties for AMD products. Can i trust on AMD that its processor and motherboard will work properly and that it will be free of technical faults? because it would be very difficult for me to get this repaired if something goes wrong. In Pakistan Intel is the king and everybody just looks for Genuine Intel, thats it.
Ok which power supply should i buy for proper working of everything? I have a mercury 400 watt supply, will it be enough? and i have a western digital 320 GB 7200rpm Sata hard disk will it be compatible?
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    It is not that the AthlonII X3 Rana is such a superb gaming chip: more likely people see gaming 'benches' at ridiculously low resolution/settings and just like sheep conclude that everyone on dual cores are doomed well guess what - there are millions as i type this gaming perfectly fine on 1680 x 1050 AA/AF with their dual cores everywhere in the world zzz

    Our very own forums concluded that triple cores is the sweetest spot for that mainly gaming rig (where $$ *is* an issue)

    so at the USD 70ish price point Ranas look very juicy hehe

    To answer your question:

    1. Yes AM2+ mobos will take in DDR2 and to date lowest ones are DDR2 533 and actually 800 is the norm (peeps with a bit more $$/knowhow might hit the 1066)

    2. Yes all AM2+ sport a PCIex16 gen 2.0 slot *but* i would really take a HD 4670 up to say 1280 x 1024 high/medium no AA/AF

    3. Dun buy OEM chips where the length of warranty depends on the seller - just hit a boxed retail processor

    4. PSU - depends on the GPU set up for the most part but if anything more powerful than a HD 4670 look to hit a 500-600 W 80+ certified PSU with active PFC
  2. Ok heres what i am building:-
    1. AMD Athlon II X3 435
    2. BIOSTAR AM3/AM2+/AM2 DDR2 AMD 785G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard TA785GE 128M
    3. Cooler Master RS400-PSARJ3-US Elite 400W ATX +12V V2.31 SATA, PCI-E Power Supply (Black)
    4. 2GB 800 Kingston RAM
    5. 320 GB Western Digital 7200rpm SATA
    6. ATI 4670 1GB graphic card
    7. Cooler Master Elite 334.
    Does the system look great for Windows 7 64bit and for the latest games? Will the Standard ATX supply which can be bought with the cooler master elite 334 is better, keeping the low cost of both of these when bought together in mind?
    and will all these components work with each other without any compatibility or connecting issues? by connecting issues i mean the jack types and the power supply connectors to the motherboard.
  3. I would try to hit a better PSU as a dependable PSU is the foundation of many a stable rig but compatibility wise it looks fine Lastly not too sure of RAM pricing DDR2 vs DDR3 but if they near the same why not AM3/DDR3 build?
  4. ok i will check. Thanx
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