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Cooling: ASUS/MSI/Sapphire
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  1. There is a lot of different brands of cards and I was wondering which ones are good and which ones are bad?

    Is there some of them that I should stay very far from??

    The card I'm thinking about buying is a Sapphire but I've never had a card from them and never even heard about it. lol

  2. i believe sapphire sells more ATI video cards then any other manufacturer

    I've owned MSI, Asus, Evga, and XFX. All are fine brands along with sapphire.
  3. Brands:

    For NV:

    1. Evga
    2. Bfg
    3. Asus
    4. MSI
    6. PNY
    8. Point OF View
    9. Inno 3D
    10. Sparkel
    11. Palit.


    1. XFX
    2. Saphire
    4.. Msi
    6. His
    7. Powercooler
    8. Daimond

    I would not buying anything below number 5 from either list.

    EDIts: Edited for Shadow.
  4. Powercolor makes great cards builder, but diamond sucks.
  5. Fixed
  6. I've owned Asus, Sapphire, EVGA, XFX and MSI cards. I've only dealt with Asus support, and it was excellent. The only dead component I've had was an MSI 4850 (but that is unfair, as any card could be bad).
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