Playing HD/bluray with a P4 3ghz?


I am about to build a custom HTPC with old pieces and wondering if my cpu would handle the load.
I will be playing bluray and HD streams mostly

Here's the rig:

Pentium 4 3.0ghZ 630

Gigabyte motherboard with onboard gfx with HDMI

OCZ 2x1GB Gold DDR2 800

I plan on using my onboard gfx's HDMI port to hook on my 46" HDTV

Replies appreciated

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  1. you might be able to, but i would recommend getting a better processor.
  2. My P4-3.06 can play 1080P MPEG-2, but can't even manage 720P H.264. And I'd imagine that the P4 fan would drown out the sound from the TV if you try to use it as an HTPC :).
  3. you might be able to get away with 1080P if you buy a low end discrete card (like ATI HD 5550)
  4. MarkG said:
    My P4-3.06 can play 1080P MPEG-2, but can't even manage 720P H.264. And I'd imagine that the P4 fan would drown out the sound from the TV if you try to use it as an HTPC :).

    I dont know what youtube uses for there HD video's but my p4 cant play there 720 video's. (2.8 GHz HT with a geforce 6200)

    Although how high is your P4 fan spinning? Mine only running like 2800 RPM and it not making that much noise.

    Anyways @OP

    As mindless said, maybe with a HD5550 you could do it. although im not sure how well the cpu will handle it even with a dedicated gpu.
  5. Not seeing a P4 as likely to decode 1080p H.264 with that motherboard. Perhaps a G45 motherboard or a 9300/9400-based board-- which will offload the decode from the CPU onto the northbridge.
  6. I've tried using a P4 @ 3.4GHz HT to play HD videos with several h.264 Decoders (CoreAVC, libavc, ffmpeg-mt). Using a non-acceleratable video card, I am able to play almost all 720p video (some higher bitrates require disabling of deblocking), but most 1080p videos remain unplayable. If you could use a DXVA compatible gpu, you might be able to get away with it. Maybe if you had a CUDA card with CoreAVC. Maybe.
  7. Not looking good. According to newegg you have the x4500. Here is a review of the x4500HD which is supposed to support video decode (yours doesn't from what I've seen online.).,2845,2327142,00.asp

    If you scroll down to the "video performance" part of the review you'll read about this.

    That's right, a 30 out of 100. There is no noise reduction at all (and no option to enable/disable it in the video control panel). If you play a really clean Blu-ray disc that requires no noise reduction or deinterlacing, the picture looks decent. In other cases, not so much. That means 1080i content delivered from a set-top box will likely have image quality not quite up to the dedicated GPUs or higher-end video processors built into modern TVs.

    And seeing as your x4500 doesn't seem to support video decoding your results will be even worse then this. You could be alright with a GPU added in, but I wouldn't try using the onboard video.
  8. thx all for your quick answers.

    Money isn't an issue, I was just trying to recycle old hardware(Case, p4, ram and hdd) guess i'll build a little server...

    For an HTPC, on intel boards, the integrated gfx i would need is a x4500HD(G45 chipset) or more recent right??

    As for amd's onboard gfx, What northbridge should i look for at a minimum? 760g? 780g? 785g? 790gx? 880g? 890gx?
  9. Always a little weird replying to a thread 3 years old but for anyone stumbling on this with an old system...

    I have a 3.4 prescott on a p4p800-e deluxe mobo with 3.5 gb ram and a 1650X (maybe pro? Can't remember)

    What I do is use MakeMKV BETA to rip my Blu-Rays to my hard drives. I have a few (1 tb bought on sale at fry's for $70 each) connected with the built in SATA I on my mobo then I use Handbrake to knock it down from 1080p to 720p. I use a DVI to HDMI adapter and hook it up to my 60" flat screen. The P4 can't play back 1080p but those files are huge anyway and honestly unless you're a bad ass (which I know most of you are on here!) then you really can't tell the difference and the file size gets cut down from 20gb to 4 or 5 gb. Maybe 8 or 9 depending on the settings. The new Star Trek movie I bumped up the settings because of all the dark scenes and fast motion scenes.

    Check out this guide from Lifehacker:

    Pretty awesome. This thing is a 10 year old POS but I was able to play through StarCraft Heart of the Swarm... Barely... (I had to watch the cut scenes on my iPad on YouTube because this thing can't play the videos in the game OR any YouTube videos period! LOL) and now it stores all my Blu-Rays and I can take it anywhere!
  10. A 3.0 GHz P4 won't be able to play even 720p H.264 Blu-Ray videos by itself, it doesn't have enough grunt. It would be roughly as fast as a single core out of my current HTPC, which is essentially a dual Core Duo T2500 setup (2.0 GHz.) It can play back and deinterlace OTA low-def (480i MPEG-2) and play back 720p, and 1080p MPEG-2 with no trouble. It can do simple linear deinterlacing of 1080i MPEG-2 but any HQ deinterlacing does not work. It does not do well playing back even 720p H.264.

    Here's my personal experience in what it takes to play back video using just the CPU. I use Linux and mplayer2, which IS multithreaded. My deinterlacer is the kernel deinterlacing (sort of CPU heavy but looks very nice.)

    - Play back and deinterlace 480i MPEG-2: 1.6-1.8 GHz P4/1.3 GHz Athlon
    - Play back 720p MPEG-2: 1 GHz PIII with an AGP bus
    - Play back 1080p MPEG-2: 2 GHz P4/1.5 GHz Athlon, with an AGP 4x/8x bus
    - Play back and deinterlace 1080i MPEG-2: Core 2 Duo or Phenom at 2 GHz or better, Athlon 64 x2 at 2.5+ GHz
    - Play back 720p H.264: Phenom at 1.8+ GHz, Athlon 6 4 at 2.5+ GHz, Core 2 Duo at 1.6+ GHz.
    - Play back 1080p H.264: Core 2 Duo at 2+ GHz, Phenom at 2.2+ GHz.
    - Play back and deinterlace 1080i H.264: 3+ GHz Core 2 Duo.

    Note that for some reason, my 12-core Bulldozer Opteron (6234, 2.4-3.0 GHz) was able to do all of these tests perfectly using just the CPU...when the CPU was locked at its idle speed of 1.4 GHz. Mplayer2's H.264 decode is highly multithreaded and apparently takes very well to having FMA.

    What you will need to do is offload the decoding of the video to either a modern graphics card. Your board has a PCIe slot and something like my "wimpy" HTPC can easily play back and deinterlace 1080i H.264 using its cheap GeForce G210.
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