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I have a 1t WD exernal hard drive. usually it has two drive as I connected to the my laptop. recently, as I left it on my laptop over night just one drive has been showed which is not my data drive file. I can find the second drive but it can not be opened and the massage nedding forma and the parameter is incorrect appear. also it is there in disk management and it seams healthy but dose not work. the windows I using is 7. would you please tell me what should I do to fix it. thanks
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  1. Disconnect and reconnect, try in another USB port, try in a diff computer, unplug all other USB devices, check what device manager detects it as, file a post on the Western Digital portable drives support forum.

    Just FYI, try not to leave external drives plugged in all the time. Keep them somewhere safe and use them for backups or transfers. If you need a regular use drive, get an internal. I have had so many WD ext USB failures recently it's a bad scene.
  2. I tried with other computers and different USB ports, but none of them helped. I did also test disk , and there was not any problem. I'm going to try with WD forum.
    you're right I shouldn't left it on over night
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