Motherboard temp..confusion

I have a lian li pck62 case with 5 fans in it, 2 inhale's in the front, 2 exhaust on top 1 exhaust on the back...

currently at idle my e8400 oc'd to 3.6ghz on the stock cooler is

28c idle-31c idle

gpu 40-50c(4890) idle

yet my motherboard is 36-40c..... sometimes 34-35... but it's only like 70 in my room, maybe 65 or 75. i don't understand, my computer has good airflow lol.

but is a motherboard temp of 35-45c dangerous?

also mobo is a ga ep45 ud3r
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  1. You mobo temp is fine and nothing to worry about. It is just another temp sensor (most likely for the northbridge or southbridge) and it is perfectly normal.

    You are good to go. Have fun!
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