New Keyboard+Mouse or Graphics card

Not sure if this belongs here but Should i get a new keyboard+Mouse or Graphics card or anything you recommend

my budget is around 150 USD so please recommend something from that price range
I will be look on Newegg for product reviews and look for shops that sell them here (NZ)

my current Keyboard is like 11 year old nearly as old as my cousin and it still works!
my mouse is this Dick smith eletronics mouse from 4 years back

My graphics card is a Radeon HD 5570 and i game at 12xx x 1024

System Specs

AMD Athlon II X4 620
Gigabyte 785GMT-USB3
Kingston 1333Mhz Ram
Coolermaster 500W OEM PSU
Sapphire Radeon HD 5570
CoolerMaster Gladiator 600 Case
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  1. Well your mouse seems modern enough, I think you might need a keyboard upgrade. Any $20 wireless or not modern keyboard would suffice, leaving you with $130 USD. Since prices are jacked up a bit in NZ, I'm supposing you'll have around $160 NZD to spend. With that amount you could probably get a PowerColor PCS HD 4770 if you can stretch your budget (it costs ~ $168 from PC Pacific, but I don't really know if that store's trustworthy, it's half half based on Pricespy reviews). Otherwise, for $149.31 from AlphaCity (great store) you can get a Sapphire Radeon HD 5670, and I suppose you would see a relatively decent performance boost.
  2. Largely depends on what you will be doing, I am going to assume this is for gaming, so it depends on what games you want to run.

    A keyboard is a keyboard. If it ain't broke or showing signs of breaking soon stick with what you got. I have no idea as far as the mouse you have, but if it is optical it is likely sufficient for most use, but if you need a new one shop for one you like and fits your budget. Mouse and Keyboard are largely personal preference. I am partial to my Logitech G5, but that would be a little too expensive, but the mx518 is about $40 USD.

    Start with a graphics card, if you can afford to get a new mouse after that, find one that feels good to you and is affordable, go for a keyboard last.

    Heh, I'm lucky if a mouse lasts through 6 months of Counter Strike, much less 4 years!
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