Windows logon error

I cant log in to windows xp after I uninstalled the SP3 software. After I rebooted It first shows this in a box:
The instruction at "ox5ad8a69d" referenced memory at "0x08e92016". The memory could not be "read".

I click OK to terminate and then this shows up:

STOP:c000021a ( fatal system error )
The Windows Logon Process system processes terminated unexpectedly with a status of:
0x0000005 ( 0x00000000 0x00000000 )
The system has been shut down

I can still access Ubuntu. And curiously I can access I can access the same file in Windows from Ubuntu though they wont work. I know that my user account is corrupt but if there is any other problem,please tell me. also since I can access all my windows stuff including c: /
I would like to know which file is corrupt please? and if I can...maybe replace it, please tell me?

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