Is my tri-core now a quad-core?

Hi everyone,

I have a newly built computer with the AMD X3 440 3.0 ghz.
I changed the ACC to "All cores" before examening how the cores were listed before.
It now lists the cores as

Core 0
Core 1
Core 2
Core 3

Does this mean I have successfully unlocked the CPU? I'm just not sure about the Core 0.

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  1. What does windows tell you? Is it seeing 4 threads under the task manager? Has the name of your processor changed?
  2. I have not installed the operating system yet. I've only gotten a chance to work with the bios.
  3. Than it may or may not have all 4 cores enabled, I can't say for sure. I would set it back to 3 cores to install windows with, if that 4th core did unlock and it's not stable, your going to have problems with the install.
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    core 0 is actually core #1. so you have 4 cores, check to see if they are stable.
  5. How do I check to see if they are fully stable?

    Thanks for the confirmation!
  6. Hey I installed Win 7 and it says I still have only three cores?
  7. Nevermind, got it working!
  8. You may also find it resets to three cores and standard clock speed after a bsod or freeze,
    just pop into bios to check or (task manager)
    ofc if you have Cpu-id on it, just use that
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