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I've noticed that with my dual Radeon HD 5770 setup, I'm getting similar FPS rates in the demo to people who are using dual 5870 setups:


Others: (Average FPS in the description) - 5870 & 2x5870 - 5970

Does anyone have any idea as to why this might be? It makes no sense. The only possible explanation is that there are dumbed-down versions for different graphics cards.

(Specs are in the comments for my video)
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  1. compare them to actual games.
  2. Of course synthetic benchmarks won't determine the speed of the card, I'm just wondering why my two 5770s are performing the same as two 5870s in this benchmark.
  3. Then try it with a better known benchmark. Review sites don't use the AMD Ladybug Demo(because of this situation probably). 3dmark or something? Heaven?
  4. *Sigh*

    I'm not determining what's better. The 5870 is obviously better. It's $400-500 for a reason. But I'm wondering why IN THIS SPECIFIC APPLICATION (pretend this is the only 3D application in existence), the 5770 performs at about the same speed as the 5870.
  5. It probably is bound by some other component, or perhaps even framerate capped(?)
  6. I have my hypertransports and northbridge OC'ed to 2,400MHz, if it makes any difference.
  7. The people in other tests are probably bottlenecked by something.

    With a 5970 I scored an average of 55FPS. There isn't many settings on it, im not sure what resolution it is running at but if it is running at my desktop resolution that would be 2560x1600.
  8. That's weird. What are your other specs?
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