Opinions on build?

This is the list of my new i7 build, what do you think of it? What could be changed? Also, I already have a prolimatech megahalems rev b heatsink, so I'm using that.

Also, I plan to add 2 more screens later using eyefinity, and maybe crossfire the 5970
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  1. No one wants to help me? :whistle:
  2. Looks good but most people might suggest a different HDD like a Samsung SpinPoint F3,Seagate 7200.12,or WD Caviar Black.
  3. No one else? :P

    Should I buy OEM? Does it come with all the cables necessary for a build?
  4. If you're gaming 12 GB of RAM is overkill, the SSD is a good choice as well as the 1.5 TB HDD as a media drive. Remember that OEM BluRay drives don't come with software and Win7 doesn't natively support blurays, so you'll need ~$100 software to play blurays. Other than that, good build imo
  5. I'll use the RAM for CAD, so that's my reason for so much ;)

    So, what drive would you recommend? Blu ray is probably too expensive for what it is at the moment, so when win8 or win7 updates come along for blu ray, I'll get it then.
  6. Any brand name dvd writer will do i picked up 2 Samsungs for 19.99 a piece.
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