Sapphire Vapor-x OR MSI R5770 Hawk

im wondering which of this cards will be the best in performance, cooling, OCing, lowest tempts!
I was pretending to buy the HIS iceq5770 but it is impossible to find (OMG is such a GREAT gpu) but anyways ill stick to this 2 now. Im a noob in gpus and stuff so please answer :D (:
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  1. either one will work great. I have the MSI heatsink on my video card. Works great but I have also read very good things about the Vapor-x. Get the card that offers the benefits you want most, or the cheapest one.
  2. Vapor-X is great.
  3. MSI Hawk all the way....
  4. I believe the hawk allows you to bump up the core voltage for more overclocking potential.
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