New AMD x6 1055t

I recently upgraded my CPU, MOBO, and Ram.

AMD x6 1055t

MSI 785G-E53

Cosair XMS3 2x2GB DDR3 1600

However, my CPU voltage jumps around rather much. Not sure if this is normal or the thermal paste needs more time to settle (about a week now)? I updated the bios to the most recent version 3.6 from MSI. Just keeping CPU-Z open and very small load (MS Word, iTunes) and watching the CPU voltage jump from 1.264-1.412. . Under heavy load (Usually SC2 or TF2 :D) the voltage moves from 1.312 to 1.5ish :( I have even changed the CPU voltage in the bios manually to about 1.312 but regardless still moves around the 1.264-1.412 range. Not sure if this is a common issue or from the Cool'n'Quiet settings or Turbo mode.

Should I get a new CPU Heatsink? Remount it? Is this normal? Suggestions please help :)
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  1. Do you know which bios revision you're using?
  2. It came with 3.4 and I up'd it to 3.6 which is the most recent from the MSI website
  3. Are your clock speeds adjusting with that voltage? Sounds to me like a mixture of cool n quiet dropping volts while downclocking and turbo increaseing them.
  4. Sounds about right, CPU voltage seems to increase accordingly to how much the multiplier increases. Voltage increases at x7.5 and 14x, not just the turbo mode at 16.5x (which increases it the most). This is just switching between Google Chrome and iTunes.

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