What does this mean? 2 HDDs or a partition?

This likely will sound very amateur but I'm not sure what Dell means by it's HDD size:

1TB 5400RPM SATA HDD + 32GB mSATA SSD w/ Intel® Smart Response

What is this?

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    1TB is a terabyte, thats a serial ATA drive. There is also a 32GB (gigabyte) solid state drive (like a large flash drive). The SSD is for the operating system, the 1TB drive can be segmented into smaller partitions or used whole as a single drive letter. Your choice. The SSD will be your C:\ drive.
  2. Thank you :) Wasnt sure what the extra 32 GB was there for. I assume this makes bootup quicker then?
  3. SSD drives are faster yep, but you need to optimize them and they are not great for certain types of tasks, so do your homework. Since it's from Dell you probably don't need to do anything. The OS will be on the SSD.
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